Creative | Nerdy | Chronic Multitasker

I study psychology, I'm a waitress for a living and I freelance on different projects when I find some free time.
My main art inspirations are dreamscapes, big dudes and my furry, little, feline sidekick named Merlot*.
Almost all of my social media links on here are my cat’s social media, because I realized I’m not a fan of having my personal accounts out there. If you do however happen to catch one of my personal accounts: Your newsfeed WILL be flooded with Bernie memes and even more pictures of my cat. You have been warned!
*Depending on my mood he also goes by "Mr. Fluffybutts" or "annoying, little fucknugget".

The heart of my art is and forever will belong to pencil drawings and that's the medium I love most for detailed, time intensive art.

For the last few years my work has mostly shifted over to digital art, so this is the most recent content I have. Big guys are definitely my muse and something I absolutely adore to paint, but I've also done my fair share of logo work and smaller projects.

Just some fun doodles.